Week 9 Survivor Picks
November 2, 2022

So what are the best teams to take for Week 9 in your survivor pool? Those that are still lucky (or skilled) enough to be alive in their pools are likely to start running out of top teams. Last week was pretty uneventful from an upset perspective, with the most common incorrect pick being the Cincinnati Bengals, who were selected by less than 3% of the survivors on average.

Top Games for Consideration

Buffalo Bills (-13) over New York Jets

The Buffalo Bills are likely the best team in the league, and their spreads are showing that. Thirteen points in a lot to lay against a divisional opponent on the road. The Bills scoring differential is +105 against their opponents this year, which is significantly more than any other team. If you haven’t selected the Bills already, this should be a pretty safe pick this week. For those who are looking to save the Bills for a future game, we have others to consider.

Kansas City Chiefs (-12.5) over Tennessee Titans

If you haven’t used the Chiefs yet, which many haven’t, this may be a good week to do so. Andy Reid’s record coming off a bye is 20-3, remarkable. They are also playing a Titan teams that only had 55 yards passing last week. Teams that cannot throw generally have a hard time keeping up with the Chiefs, even if your running back is Derrick Henry. The Chiefs are second only to Buffalo in yards per play and lead the league in points, despite playing one fewer game than a lot of teams. We see no problem with the Chiefs winning this game, and they should win comfortably.

Philadelphia Eagles (-13) over Houston Texans

We don’t want to overembellish a team, but it would be shocking to see the Eagles lose to the Texans on Thursday. Despite being undefeated, there is a high percentage of people who still have he Eagles available to them. And to add to their attractiveness, a lot of people like a quick win on Thursday to enjoy a stress free Sunday. There will be other opportunities to use the Eagles in the future, but they are a great selection for this week.

New England Patriots (-5.5) over Indianapolis Colts

For those looking to save the top teams remaining, or for those that have used them all, this should be the pick. Belichick will be out to redeem himself defensively against a young quarterback after what happed against Justin Fields, and we expect Sam Ehlinger to struggle in this game. The Patriots are 13-0 at home against rookie QBs since Belichick took over in 2000, and his teams are 23-6 overall.

The Colts will be starting with a new offensive coordinator this week, and Jonathan Taylor and the running game has not gotten going much at all this season, and he has nagging injuries. We expect the Patriots to not only win, but cover as well.