Today’s Betting Signals: May 19, 2023
May 19, 2023

Betting signals are indications within the sportsbook industry that can notify average bettors of situations where certain lines have value according to the sharps. There are three main types of signals:


Reverse Moneyline (RLM) – when a line moves away from the side receiving the majority of bets, usually indicating sharp money has come in on the opposite side of the majority of the bets.

Steam – a sudden line movement on a game across most sportsbooks. It is generally the result of a wave of money coming on a single side of a game from a betting syndicate or large sharp bettors, which bettors can sometimes follow to their advantage.

Contrarian – indicates when the public has overvalued a team or wager and there may be value taking the opposite side of that wager.


For more information about these signals and how to use them to your advantage, be sure to complete our sports betting course. Here are the signals for today’s games:



Steam Signal – Boston Under215 (-110)



Steam Signal – Cleveland ML (+130)

RLM Signal – Los Angeles (NL) ML (-132)

Steam ML – Cincinnati ML (+138)



RLM Signal – Las Vegas Under 5.5 (-108)