NFL Week 5 Survivor Pool Picks
October 4, 2022

The average survivor pool lost another 14% of participants in Week 4, with the most popular incorrect pick being the Detroit Lions. Unlike Week 4, there are a lot of heavy favorites this week, which gives survivor pool participants a lot of teams to choose from. Below are our recommend picks by tier, with their implied winning percentage.


Buffalo Bills

The obvious and most likely team to pick this week would be the Buffalo Bills if you haven’t selected them this year, however given that they are arguably the best team, you may want to save them for future weeks given the other options available. They likely will be facing rookie Kenny Pickett in his first start, and a woeful Steelers team. Implied Winning Percentage: 87%

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay got several offensive weapons back last week and looked better, although they ran into a buzzsaw in Kansas City. While their opponent this week, the Atlanta Falcons, have shown they can score, they are nowhere near the level of Kansas City and their defense has looked average at best. The Tampa Bay defense will have a challenge ahead of them, but Tampa Bay will likely prove to be just too good for the Falcons. Implied Winning Percentage: 78%

Green Bay Packers

While the Packers were one of the most popular teams picked last week and  barely survived with an overtime win at home, they are once again one of the best options this week. The Giants, despite their 3-1 record, do not look like they can play with the Packers, who are eight-point favorites. Implied Winning Percentage: 76%



Jacksonville Jaguars

While the Jaguars aren’t as dominant as the top tier teams above, they have a soft opponent in the Texans this week and won’t have many similar games the rest of the season. This may be your one opportunity to pick them this season. Implied Winning Percentage: 72%

Minnesota Vikings

The Viking play the Bears at home week, who have demonstrated very little ability or productivity on offense. Minnesota’s only loss has been against the undefeated Eagles, and they look to be a much better team and have many more weapons than the Bears. Barring huge turnovers, the Vikings should win this game easily. Implied Winning Percentage: 70%



San Francisco 49ers – Implied Winning Percentage: 68%

New Orleans Saints – Implied Winning Percentage: 67%