NBA Top Wagers: 11/30/2022
November 30, 2022

Here we take a look at the top NBA wagers for today, November 30, 2022.

Memphis Grizzlies (-4, 231.5) vs Minnesota Timberwolves

Nothing is going right for the Timberwolves right now, and there will be many public bets on the Grizzlies today because of that. Karl Anthony Towns is out for a while with a calf strain, and the team has struggled lately. But don’t just give up on the Wolves as it seems the market has over-adjusted for them.

This line tells us that the Grizzles are about 6.5 points betters than the Wolves on a neutral court. This is a large difference. When the Grizzlies hosted the Wolves on Nov. 11, they were 4-point favorites, and Bane played in that game. Did Minnesota really get six points worse over the course of the last 19 days even with the loss of Karl Anthony Towns? We don’t think so.

The betting market and oddsmakers have overvalued Memphis quite a bit all season, and this seems to be another example of that. The Wolves have over 90% of the money on them with only 32% of the bets. That is a huge number. There has also been a good amount of sharp action on the Wolves. Given that the line has gone as low as +3, everything is indicating the Wolves are undervalued here. If you can get the Wolves at +3.5 or +4, take it.


Milwaukee Bucks (-6, 228) vs New York Knicks

Over the past two weeks, Milwaukee has had the fifth-best offense overall, and the Knicks have improved to 10th overall and been getting better recently. There was also a reverse line movement when the over rose from 226.5 to 228 despite the majority of the money being on the under. Because of this, we like the over in this game.