Fanatics introduces in-app streaming for NFL games
October 4, 2023

Fanatics bettors rejoice: you can now watch NFL games and place a bet on the same screen! Even though this feature has been quietly introduced since Week 1 games for the NFL on select markets, in-app streaming is finally an official feature.

Let’s look at the details to see how this feature is a game-changer for bettors.

How Fanatics introduced in-app streaming

Although in-app streaming is a relatively new offering to Fanatics customers, bettors in select markets have already been able to access the feature since the NFL season started this year. The primary states where Fanatics performed testing were Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Tennessee. The feature, though present, remained unadvertised for a while.

Then, on the 22nd of September, Fanatics advertised the feature within the app ahead of the San Francisco 49ers and New York Giants game. Although it wasn’t a nationwide rollout yet, it was the most significant confirmation that Fanatics was preparing to launch the feature for everyone soon.

Four days later, Genius Sports, the official data distributor for the NFL, announced their latest product – BetVision. According to them, BetVision allows customers of select sports betting apps to watch a live feed of any current NFL game and place a wager during breaks, all within the same screen. They’ve also confirmed Fanatics’ participation in the program and that the company has been testing it since Week 1.

There’s no confirmed date on when this feature will be available to everyone. Considering the public announcement, bettors likely won’t have long to wait to enjoy in-app streaming.

How does live betting work in the app?

Those who wish to use Fanatics’ in-app streaming will have to place a wager of at least a dollar first on any team. Once that’s done, the bettor can access a stream to watch the game.

While watching the game, BetVision will provide several helpful pop-ups about the game, such as catch probability and other advanced game stats. Betting odds will also be displayed throughout the game, and bettors can make their moves during breaks. All of these will happen on the same screen, reducing the need to take bettors away from the game.

Why is in-app streaming necessary?

Though it’s not an entirely new concept (Caesars Sportsbook has been using this feature since 2022), it’s one way to increase engagement and convenience with bettors. Instead of requiring them to watch the game on a separate platform while keeping an eye on the odds, customers can now do both on the same device. Sportsbooks think this convenience will retain customers better.

As for football fans, it’s an easy way for them to catch games wherever they are. Whether relaxing at home or enjoying a drink at the bar, in-app streaming removes the possibility of bettors missing out on crucial moments for a bet. With everything right at their fingertips, they can wager on anything and see things unfold without even changing screens within the app.