Betting Statistics: May 9, 2023
May 9, 2023

It is very important to continually monitor betting statistics on each day’s games for possible indicators and signals of where the public or sharp money has been wagered.

Betting splits are the difference between the percentage of bets on a specific line, and the percentage of the total money wagered on a specific game. In most games, these percentages will be very similar. However, a large discrepancy can alert you to possible sharp action, resulting in fewer, but much larger bets on one side of the wager.

When a significant amount of public money is on one side of a wager, this could indicate the line has moved from where the oddsmakers believed it should be in order to even out the action. This is what is known as “fading the public.” For much more detailed information, please be sure to complete our sports betting course.

Below are the games with noteworthy public or sharp action for today’s action:



Denver (-5.5, 227) at Phoenix: Denver is currently receiving 97% of the money, but only 75% of the bets. There is also significant sharp action on the Nuggets.



Tampa Bay at Baltimore (+115, 7.5): There is some sharp action on Baltimore, who is receiving 66% of the money, but only 51% of the bets.

Miami (-102, 8.5) at Arizona: Miami is only getting 31% of the wagers, but is receiving 55% of  the money. There is also significant sharp action on the Marlins’ moneyline.

Detroit at Cleveland (-200, 7.5): There is decent sharp action on the Under.